Your in good hands with Loren- Supervised Visitation Monitor

You’re in good hands

Testimonial for Loren- Supervised Child Visitation MonitorI have known Loren for 20 years, as a neighbor, a friend and as her Veterinarian. Loren has cared for and continues to care for many rescued animals.

I can without hesitation recommend Loren for the services she is providing. Loren is compassionate, caring, honest, reliable, and above all fun to be around. I know her character very well and believe she would not disappoint.

I have trusted Loren with my own animals over the years, and she has spent many hours with my three children. My children find her highly entertaining and I trust her with them explicitly. She applies herself one hundred percent to every task.

In summary, I highly recommend Loren as a Supervised Child Monitor provider. You and your children will feel comfortable and confident in her work.

Tim Bell DVM
North County Animal Hospital, Paso Robles

Testimonial Picture- Child Visitation MonitorI have had the pleasure of knowing Loren BTW for 8 years. During this time she has taken care of our animals and has proven to be dependable, trust worthy and honest. Loren has a great sense of humor, is wise and practical. She is fearless and tireless when she believes in a cause. She is always ready to help others and stand up for injustices done to people or animals.

I feel privileged to call Loren a friend and believe that I can always count on her in a time of need.

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Testimonial for Loren-Supervised Visitation Monitor

I met Loren eight years ago and because of who she is, we have become great friends.  Loren is honest, dependable, responsible and puts 200% of herself into any job/task she takes on.

Eight years ago, I was looking at an out of control feral cat population on my property. I had tried to get help but to no avail.  A friend of mine reached out to people she knew and she was given Loren’s phone number.  Here was a woman who knew nothing about me but knew she was the one for the job.  She immediately came to my property, explained in full detail what she was going to do and what I needed to do.  She organized everything and everybody and when all was said and done, in three weeks Loren trapped a total of sixty-three cats/kittens.  All cats were fixed and the adults stayed on my property and she found homes for all the kittens.  To this day, I smile every morning when I feed these cats knowing how much happier and healthier they all are.

Loren is perfect as a supervised child visitation monitor/provider. Loren and I have become great fiends because I can count on her.  She is compassionate, considerate and makes me laugh.  I would trust her with my life.



Anonymous client Satisfaction Survey

“Loren always arrived early and was personable, friendly, informative, compassionate and took a personal interest in the child under her supervision and the lives of everyone involved.  She helped my child under my care to feel loved and appreciated and alleviated her guilt over why she is in foster care, as she had blamed herself for reporting abuse as the cause of being taken from her parent.” Aunt

“I couldn’t have been more blessed to have Mrs. Loren as my monitor.  She was very professional, kind and attentive.  My two children took to Mrs. Loren right away and wanted her to be a part of the activity or games we played.  Anyone who gets her as the monitor will see what I’m talking about.”

“Thank you for everything Mrs. Loren!”  Custodial parent

“Mrs. Loren shows interest in parents bonding with their child or children.  Yes. I would recommend Mrs. Loren to other parents.”    Noncustodial parent

“Mrs. Loren was compassionate & caring.  Her words of wisdom helped us get through a challenging time.  We appreciate her respect for our concerns.”   Custodial parent