Loren with Kids

Mrs. Loren was a single mother and sole provider of three children who were born in Rome, Italy.

Divorced at 26 years of age with three young children to raise alone, she understands the conflict that some parents become entangled in and believes that there is never any good reason to bring the children into the parents’ conflict. (The children will come to their own conclusion within their own time.)

There is seldom a good reason to prevent a child from having a relationship with both parents. A child’s love is blind and unconditional.

Two of Mrs. Loren’s sons are now adults and the middle son is deceased.

Ms. Loren raised her three sons by working as a charge nurse at M.P.T.V. Hospital in Calabasas, a surgical technician, estate manager, physical fitness trainer and personal organizer.

Having lived in Italy and Spain for ten years, she speaks Italian and Spanish as well as English; however visits must be conducted primarily in English.

Mrs. Loren is the CEO and founder of Blessed Creatures, Inc. and has rescued thousands of homeless animals since 1995. She remains active in the organization today.

She is a ‘community organizer’ and has created many community events over the years. The importance of community involvement and charity to all beings was instilled upon her at a very young age by her grandmother Anna.

“ I came into this world with nothing.  I was raised with nothing.
 And I will leave with nothing, other than that which I have given back.”

Supervised child visitation monitoring and exchanges serving the
San Luis Obispo and San Luis Obispo County areas including: 
Paso Robles, Grover Beach, Atascadero, Shell Beach, Avila Beach, 
Templeton, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Arroyo Grande, & Santa Barbara