All children love both parents
Their home is where their heart lives
A child’s love is blind to race or breed
They give their love to you
At the end of every storm….
There will be a Light
Forget me not


Forget Me Not is a professional child visitation monitoring service and understands the importance of maintaining a relationship between children and both parents; regardless of conflict or misunderstanding between the parents.

The responsibility of a professional monitor is to protect the safety and well being of the child, and every reasonable effort is made to do so.  To provide “good times to be remembered” by both the child(ren) and their parent is our intention.

The monitor documents the interactions between the parent and the child(ren) and is a neutral observer.  Personal opinions and judgments are put aside; thus creating a safe space to be for the parents and the child(ren).

Please read and agree to the  VISITATION GUIDELINES and the CLIENT REQUIREMENTS prior to contacting us.